Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jelly and Jam

Jam is made by boiling fruit (has fruit bits in it). Jelly is made from fruit juice and does not have fruit bits in it (think Dow Corning). Preserves are basically like jam. Marmalade is a citrus-based preserve. We’ll talk about this in a minute. Let me cut right to the point. There is nothing to be ashamed of in liking jam. With so many different kinds available. There are almost as many jams as there are fruits. Maybe more.

Raspberry – A good idea, because raspberries are really expensive and tend to go bad before you can even get them safely home. And raspberry preserves do, in fact, convey the idea of raspberry fairly well.
Apricot – Yes.
Clementine – Yes again.
Fig – I will admit that I am rather new to the whole fig game, myself not having emanated from any of the fig-bearing lands. But, I have to tell you, that I am beginning to understand the fuss. Fig jam is a rich and mature taste, which takes little getting used to and becomes more and more fascinating with each session.
Apple-Walnut-Pear – Surely a complex and sophisticated mix of flavors for a bit of bread or toast. There is nothing to be ashamed of here. And don't the Basques know it.
Strawberry – It is far too easy to get real strawberries. And besides, strawberries do not like being made into preserves, as the awkward (almost subversive) texture they assume under such circumstances will no doubt attest.
Blueberry – No.
Grape – I am not interested in grape jam, and neither should you be. In fact, it does not even exist.
Almond Butter – Ok, this is not so much a jelly or jam, as it is rocket fuel. With almond butter, surely a little bit goes quite a long way. Longer than you are thinking even now, unless you are thinking Mars.

From The Guide:

After one has scooped of the jam for the final time in the sitting, it is permissible, if alone or with close friends, to lick the knife. This is one of the reasons for which it is advantageous to use a proper butter knife, and not the standard dinner knife. Although more like to be within reach, the standard dinner knife tends to have, as a vestige of an earlier era, a faint suggestion of a serrated edge. It is better to lick a butter knife.


The Metrosexiest said...

Grape is a totally necessary flavor for kids to enjoy. The classic contrast with peanut butter. Almond butter is neither jelly nor jam. So yeah, why don't you suck it? And hello. Um. Peach much?! Peach. Delicious in almost any form. Sometimes, even canned. Especially jam or preserves. Not to mention apricot. Get with the program.

Cold Bacon said...

The beautiful fruit.

Cold Bacon said...

only a peach like you would be so preoccupied with peaches. we will not speak of peaches as pertaining to breakfast times. peaches and cream. can be your dream. but this is for later. not for now. check the time.