Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bread and Butter

For butter, you must go to your local gourmet shop and acquire some imported butter. This will be the one with any French or Swiss (or even German) writing on the packaging. Italian is good too. It is recommended to buy the unsalted variety. Salt can always be added. It is important to maintain control over salt. Also, you must look for some indication of an expiration date. The shopkeeper’s job is to move the oldest bars to the front of the shelf (and this goes for milk, yogurt, and anything else that is white or yellow). Yours is to inspect several of them until you are sure you have the freshest one. If none of them are fresh (and assuming you do not have the intention of eating all of the butter immediately), then you must refrain from purchasing any of the butter at this time. You can try another shop or wait until the next shipment arrives. It is important to be patient.

Many people buy several sticks of butter and freeze some of them for later use. This invites a terrible rancid flavor, and for what? Do not freeze the butter. Eat the butter.

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