Thursday, December 20, 2007


A proper scone is like something between a muffin and a biscuit only it has been driven to the brink of complete and unforgettable dryness. Only a good self-hating people would devise and perpetuate such a thing. If you’re going to suffer, suffer well. So say the Brits. And I for one stand with them.

From The Guide:

The only true way to mitigate the dryness of a proper scone is with the liberal use of genuine clotted cream (from Devonshire), which has, on more than one occasion, been said to have a slightly scalded or cooked flavor.


The Metrosexiest said...

clotted cream sounds so nasty & tastes so delicious. is there any better name for it?

Cold Bacon said...


alice said...

i'm glad we're on the same page re: scones and marmalade. it gives me the brief notion that everything is right with the world. damn. didn't last long. but still.